Should you bother with a business blog?

  Everyone has a blog, don’t they? But, is blogging really worth the effort? I think so. What is a blog? If you find blogging something of a mystery, there is nothing mysterious about it. Basically, a blog is just a collection of articles (posts) published on a website. It can be Read More →
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How this guy uses content marketing to win more business

Who are you, the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker? It doesn’t matter. Whatever your business, content marketing can work for you. Let me explain … Most people know me as a freelance writer. However, when I’m not doing my ‘day job,’ I perform as a musician — singing and playin Read More →
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Why nobody cares about your blog

“Good things take time,” as someone once said. And it’s true — even in this era of disposable products and Pokemon Go. I am a content writer. And part of what I do is write blog posts. So, as you might expect, I am often asked for advice about blogging. And that’s fine; I like to help Read More →
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How case studies can help you win more & better business

How case studies can help you win more & better business Are case studies part of your marketing mix? If not, perhaps they should be. Case studies have been around a long time. And as more businesses embrace content marketing, the more relevant they are becoming. Case studies are Read More →
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How to write a blog: 5 simple tips

How to write a blog: 5 simple tips Do you want to know how to write a blog? Blogging can be good for business. And for many businesses, it is the easiest form of content marketing. Related posts: Why nobody cares about your blog A guideline for successful content marketing\ As a web c Read More →

Why good copywriters tell stories

The age-old art of storytelling Everyone loves a story. Some of my fondest memories are of times sitting cross-legged on the classroom mat as the teacher read out loud — Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Of Mice and Men are a couple of stories I can remember from back then. I still r Read More →
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Why being a content writer is like being a fisherman

Max loves fishing. In fact, at the back of his garage you’ll find a “man shed” dedicated to his passion — lines and reels cram every available space. I asked: “Why do you need so much gear? Surely one rod and reel is enough. “Well, you see, Max has a theo Read More →
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Three reasons why being a blog writer is great for business

Could becoming a blog writer be great for your business? As a blog writer I’m often asked, “What’s the point in blogging”? A fair question; after all it does require a lot of time and effort. In the following article, I outline why blogging can be great for business and often more eff Read More →
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