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Easy ways to find ideas for your blog

  Are you starting a blog? Have you been blogging for a while? Regardless of whether you are a ‘newbie’ or an ‘old hand,’ there is one problem most of us face from time to time: thinking up fresh ideas. You see, as a blog writer, you can only get away with the ‘same old same old’ Read More →
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Is book publishing the ‘next big thing?’

I attended a birthday party recently, and one feature of the evening startled me. What was it? Well, not jelly wrestlers or exotic dancers — the event was very much a family affair. Actually, I saw guests queuing for photos with a Polaroid camera — you know, the kind that prints a sna Read More →
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How to plan a successful nonfiction book

You’ve decided to write a nonfiction book. What a fabulous idea — you’re an expert in your industry, and you want to share what you know. BUT, can you harness that expertise and fashion it into a physical book people will read? Of course you can. To increase your chances of success, t Read More →
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