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Is book publishing the ‘next big thing?’

I attended a birthday party recently, and one feature of the evening startled me. What was it? Well, not jelly wrestlers or exotic dancers — the event was very much a family affair. Actually, I saw guests queuing for photos with a Polaroid camera — you know, the kind that prints a sna Read More →
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How to plan a successful nonfiction book

You’ve decided to write a nonfiction book. What a fabulous idea — you’re an expert in your industry, and you want to share what you know. BUT, can you harness that expertise and fashion it into a physical book people will read? Of course you can. To increase your chances of success, t Read More →
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How much does a ghostwriter cost?

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

Actors and pop stars use them. Sports people too. I’m talking about ghostwriters — those nebulous characters who write for other people. Musical, acting or sporting greatness rarely translates into writing ability. And I’m fine with that — this fact of life keeps writers like me gainf Read More →
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What is a ghostwriter & why might you need one?

    Do you plan on writing a non-fiction book? If so, perhaps you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter. You may also be wondering what a ghostwriter does. In this post, I explain. All kinds of people write non-fiction books: celebrities, politicians and business people are Read More →
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Case study: Ghost writer reveals all

Ghost writer. I like the phrase — I love the movie. I enjoy the strange looks I get when I say that’s what I am. Of course, when I use that particular job description I’m usually fishing for a reaction. In reality, ghost writing is just a part of what I do. What is a ghost Read More →
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