A tale of two websites

I have two websites. One performs and one doesn’t. The performing website is the one you’re on now. It works because it attracts visitors and generates business. Simple.

Explaining what a website needs to be effective
A performing website needs fresh content

The other website is for my other profession as a musician. Though well-written (of course), it receives very little internet traffic. It only works for me when I send people to it.

The diagnosis

I know why my music website performs poorly. And I know how to fix it. You see, it’s suffering from a severe case of neglect. I rarely update its content and spend minimal time promoting it through social media.

Today, more than ever, websites need fresh content to attract internet traffic — the maxim “content is king” has never been more apt.

Why is fresh content important?

To Google, fresh content indicates relevance. The same can be said for activity on social media. You see, Google wants people using their search engine to find the best possible content. If a website’s content is static and not mentioned on social media, they will avoid it. Of course, Google could be completely wrong. Your content might be extremely well-written and informative. It doesn’t matter.

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My excuse

So, how could a web writer allow his website to fall into disrepair? Well, it comes down to priorities. I put most of my efforts into my Word Works site.

However, as I would like more gigs, I have been jolted into action.

The cure

You might think the cure is simple: start creating content. Well, it’s not that simple.

I devised a two-pronged strategy:

1: Fresh content

I knew I needed fresh content. So, I decided to create videos. Videos are perfect because they allow me to demonstrate my skills. They also give me something new to post on Facebook and Twitter.

I thought making videos would be difficult. However, I soon realised I could create and edit good-quality videos on my Smart Phone.

Though other writers will disagree with me,  I believe the best place to publish content is on your website, not social media. In my view, social media is powerful for promoting my content and driving traffic to my website.


Of course, it takes time for new content to have an impact. So, I needed to do more.

2: Advertising

I don’t like advertising much — it’s the old way of doing things. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying advertising is bad or unethical. I just don’t think, in many cases, it’s the best method for promoting a business. The thing with advertising is you can’t build ‘equity.’ What I mean is, once you stop paying for it, people stop seeing you. Original content, on the other hand, can drive traffic for years to come.

So, for quick results, advertising is often the best option. I wanted to get more gigs now not later, so I decided to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook advertising is easy to use. I like how you can target specific types of people — those who are engaged to be married, those over 25, etc.

My plan has been going for about a week now. It will be interesting to see what happens.

How have you rescued an ailing website? If you found this useful please share.

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