How case studies can help you win more & better business

Why case studies should be part of your marketing mix.

Are case studies part of your marketing mix? If not, perhaps they should be. Case studies have been around a long time. And as more businesses embrace content marketing, the more relevant they are becoming.

Case studies are believable

Modern consumers are cynical — they just don’t believe in advertising like they used to. For example, how would you react if I said, “My widgets are the best in the world.”?  I reckon, like a Tui billboard, you’d probably say, “Yeah right.” After all, bold claims are easy to make. However, if I showed you, step by step, how my widgets solved a customer’s problem and provided before-and-after sales data as well as customer testimonials, would you be more convinced?

Case studies provide clarity

Sometimes it can be difficult for customers to understand how a product or service adds value.  Case studies provide clarity; they put things into context. Case studies are, in fact, just stories, and we humans have used stories to communicate since we began drawing on cave walls.

Stories are memorable

People remember stories. This is because they activate many parts of the brain, not just the parts used to process facts and figures.

So, tell your clients stories in the form of a case studies,  and they’re much more likely to remember.

The anatomy of a case study:

  • Your client’s background
  • Why your client approached you
  • What did your client want to achieve? What problem did they have?
  • What was your approach for satisfying their need or solving their problem?
  • What was the outcome?
  • How did your client benefit?

For more information on how to structure a case study, please click word works.

People read case studies

Once upon a time, consumers relied on advertising and sales people to educate them about products and services. This is no longer the case. Why? Because of the internet and, in particular, mobile devices.

You see, there isn’t much you can’t find online these days.  So, when someone has a question they Google it, often while sitting on the couch during the TV ads.

So, modern businesses must provide resources for their customers, information that answers their questions. Case studies serve this purpose well.

Case studies are part of content marketing

Creating resources to educate customers is known as content marketing. Some businesses think it’s too passive; they would rather invest in more tradition forms of marketing, like direct mail, cold calling and advertising. However, if you do content marketing well, you’ll find that prospects will typically cost 60% less. This is because by the time they contact you, they are much farther along the sales cycle and more qualified than they would have been otherwise.

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