Content marketing is the latest thing. Well, not really. Actually, it's been around for a while. Farm machinery manufacturer John Deere was an early pioneer; they launched The Furrow in 1895 — a magazine providing farmers information about how to become more profitable. It's still in publication today.

Though content marketing isn’t new, it’s becoming more prevalent, creating a demand for content writers. You see, the landscape has changed; many traditional outbound marketing methods just don’t cut it anymore.

In this post I explain why content marketing is important and provide three reasons why you need a content writer. If you find this useful please share. I also welcome your comments. 

Why is content marketing important?

Why are businesses going to the trouble of creating content? Why are they stepping back from traditional marketing methods? There are a number of reasons. One is that consumers have become weary (and wary) of traditional advertising. They’re tired of being sold to.

Perhaps the main reason, though, is that consumers now have seemingly limitless access to information. In the past, they relied on advertising and sales people to educate them. Now, consumers educate themselves, in their own time if they have a problem, or need a product or service, they search the Internet. Smart phones and tablets make this ridiculously easy.

So, businesses must create content for their customers to find; content that is educational and answers their questions.

Types of content

So, what types of content can businesses create? Well, thanks to the Internet, they’re not limited to physical magazines.  There are many other forms of content, such as:

  1. blogs
  2. case studies
  3. white papers
  4. eBooks.
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Anyway, why do you need a content writer? Here are three reasons:

1: Content writers are professionals 

Your content reflects your brand. So, it must be written well. Content writers are professionals. So, not only can they spell words, like hypoallergenic, they also write compelling content that is enjoyable to read. This is important. After all, the idea is to create content that encourages customers/prospects to keep coming back for more.

2:  They have knowledge of SEO

Content writers also understand search engine optimisation (SEO). You see, not only must your content be good, it must also get read in the first place. These days, most content is published online. So, the idea is for your content to rank well in search engine results. Content writers help this happen by creating search-friendly text, with keywords, title tags and meta descriptions, etc.

3: You don’t have the time 

You yourself may be a skilled writer, but you still have a business to run. The thing is, to be successful in content marketing, you must create content regularly. If you choose to write your own content two things can happen:

  1. You spend too much time writing quality content to the detriment of your core job
  2. You rush and produce inferior content that reflects poorly on your business.

Neither outcome is desirable.

So, do you need a content writer? It’s quite likely that you do.

If you found this post useful please share. I also welcome your comments. 

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  1. Great blog Andrew, I’ve been reading through your posts and taking in a lot of good points.

    From one New Zealander to another, keep going please.


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