What is the key ingredient in great content?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard about content marketing — it’s been around for ages. But, what makes great content? Is … “What is the key ingredient in great content?”

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3 damn good reasons why businesses should blog

I’m a ‘one-man band,’ as they say; I work alone. And, so, I usually spend my days juggling several ‘plates’ hoping not to drop one. … “3 damn good reasons why businesses should blog”

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How to engage a freelance writer: 3 common questions

I’m a freelance writer. You may wonder what that means, and that’s fair enough; it is a rather broad job description. In my case, freelance … “How to engage a freelance writer: 3 common questions”

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Want a blog? Here is how to use a blog writer

If you’re in business, a blog is invaluable. It enables you to attract internet traffic and demonstrate your expertise to potential customers. But what if … “Want a blog? Here is how to use a blog writer”

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Should you bother with a business blog?

Everyone has a blog, don’t they? But, is blogging really worth the effort? I think so. What is a blog? If you find blogging something … “Should you bother with a business blog?”

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How this guy uses content marketing to win more business

Most people know me as a freelance writer. However, when I’m not doing my ‘day job,’ I perform as a musician — singing and playing … “How this guy uses content marketing to win more business”

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Why nobody cares about your blog

I am a content writer. And part of what I do is write blog posts. So, as you might expect, I am often asked for … “Why nobody cares about your blog”

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How case studies can help you win more & better business

How case studies can help you win more & better business Are case studies part of your marketing mix? If not, perhaps they should be. Case … “How case studies can help you win more & better business”

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How to write an awesome blog post: 5 simple tips

As a web copywriter, blogging is my primary marketing tool. What do I write about? Well, web copywriting, of course. Why do I blog? Blogging … “How to write an awesome blog post: 5 simple tips”

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Why good copywriters tell stories

It’s been over 30 years since those heady school days, yet I still remember the stories. So I wonder, why does everything my accountant tell … “Why good copywriters tell stories”

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