Freelance writer & editor Andrew Healey

I am an Auckland-based freelance writer and editor available for short- and long-term projects.

What I do

I specialise in working with businesses — particularly those with a marketing department. Over the years, I’ve written about many topics; however, finance, insurance, logistics and sustainability are areas of which I have the most experience.

My work includes:

  • Simplifying formal documents into plain English
  • Editing sales proposals to ensure they read professionally
  • Writing blog posts and in-depth articles
  • Conducting web-copy reviews.

How I Work

I don’t get involved in one-size-fits-all writing; you can get that anywhere. Instead, I learn about your business, customers and competitors. My goal is to create copy that resonates with your target audience and supports your business goals.

For me to gather all the information I need to write or edit your copy, I'd prefer to talk to you. If you're Auckland based, we can meet for a coffee. If you’re anywhere else — including overseas — I can speak on the phone or via Skype.

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My background & qualifications

I have worked in sales and marketing for more than 20 years. Earlier in my career, I was a business-to-business account manager and sales manager. For the past ten years, my work has extended to freelance writing and editing.

I hold a Certificate in Freelance Journalism and a Diploma in Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing. I also studied sales and marketing at Unitec in Auckland.

“I have used Andrew for his writing skills for a couple of years. He is a creative writer with a good grasp of business and marketing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him”—Sheridan Bruce, Marketing Manager, Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.

“I have used Andrew over the last couple of years to write press releases and ghost-write articles for publication. This has resulted in being interviewed on radio and appearing on TV1’s Close up and Breakfast shows. These interviews are free and better than any paid advert costing tens of thousands of dollars. This makes Andrew’s fee look minuscule. I’d recommend Andrew anytime”— Max Whitehead, Whitehead Group.

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