Show how you create value: Hire a case study writer 

Do you need a case study writer? Case studies are powerful — they show how your business creates value in the real world.

And people don't believe advertising messages like they used to — they've become cynical. So, case studies work because they show what you do instead of just making bold claims.

Actually, a case study is just a story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Simple as that. And since childhood, most of us have been hard wired to enjoy them. This might explain why people remember more facts and figures when framed as a story.

Case study services

So, how do I work? My case study services include:

  • Interviewing you and/or your clients
  • Writing your case study
  • Emailing a draft to you for approval
  • Making edits if required.

Ph: 027 403 4782

The ingredients of a case study

I recommend that case studies be at least 400 words long. This enables me to tell the story of a project in detail. A reasonable word count is also beneficial from an Internet search perspective (SEO) — as far as Google is concerned, the more words the better.

Here is what a case study includes:

  • A brief description of your client
  • Why you were approached by your client
  • What was your client's objective? What problem did they want you to solve?
  • The product or service you offered and why
  • The challenges along the way
  • The outcome and how your client benefited.

Andrew Healey: Case study writer

I have worked in sales and marketing for 20 years, within a wide range of industries. I have studied sales management and currently hold a Certificate in Freelance Journalism. To learn more about me, please visit my About page.

"Andrew has written several case studies for Netbyte. As some of our services can be complicated, we find case studies are valuable for clarifying what we do. Andrew asks the right questions and has the ability to articulate how we create value for our clients. I highly recommend him" —  Scott Wilson, Managing Director, Netbyte.

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