Books For Business

So, you want to become an author. Good idea. Writing a book is an effective way to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Of course, not everyone has the skill, time or inclination to write a book. And, it’s for these reasons that I, as a ghostwriter, can help.

About me

I am an experienced writer and editor of non-fiction. Recently, I edited and ghostwrote The Art of Hunting Humans: A Radical and Confronting Explanation of the Human Mind, by thought leader Sidney Mazzi.  I have written about many topics, including finance, insurance, employment law, logistics and aviation.

What do you need?

Not all budding authors have the same needs. So, you’ll probably fall into one of three categories:

Photo of freelance writer Andrew Healey
You need someone to write your book

You are an expert in your field but have no idea how to write a book. In this case, I write your book based on interviews with you and the information you provide.

You need help to finish your book

You have written your book, but it needs work: a re-structure, edit and some additional content to reach a professional standard.

You need guidance

You want to write your book but need some coaching.

How do I work?

As a ghostwriter, I put your knowledge into words. I usually gather the information I need by talking to you via Skype, the phone or in person. You’ll find I’m great to talk to, and I can capture the way you talk and your personality — it’s your book, after all.

To follow is a typical process for writing a book from scratch:


Should you choose to work with me, it’s time to map out the chapters of your book and schedule interviews. Now is also the time to look at content that you already have available, such as audio of presentations and articles that you have written.


Most of the content I will gather will be by talking to you. So, every time that we talk, I will be prepared with a list of questions. It’s funny, though, how much ‘good stuff’ I can uncover when veering slightly off topic.


After interviewing you, I will begin to write. Usually, I’ll complete a chapter and then email it to you for review. At this point, if you require changes (and you most likely will), you can edit the document or phone me.

Proofreading & editing

No matter who the writer is, all work needs to be at least proofread. In some cases, you may also wish to have a third-party editor, with a fresh set of eyes,  take a look at the manuscript. So, I can organise a proofreader and editor, as required.

Writing/payment schedule

Large projects usually take three to six months to complete. I will provide you with a detailed plan of what we need to complete each month (interviews and chapters, etc.).

Contact me

Do you still want to write a book? Great. Please get in touch.