A ghostwriter for business people

So, you want to become an author. Good idea. Writing a book is an effective way to establish yourself as a thought leader, an expert in your field. Of course, not everyone has the skill, time or inclination to write a book. This is why a ghostwriter can help.


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About me

I am an experienced writer of business-related non-fiction. I do not write autobiographies.  Topics I have written about include not-for-profit, business coaching, banking, employment law, logistics and aviation.

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As a ghostwriter, I put your expertise into words. The material usually comes from talking to you via Skype, the phone or in person. You'll find I'm great to talk to, and I am able to capture the way you talk, your personality — it's your book, after all.

What do you need?

Not all budding authors who approach me have the same needs. So, you'll probably fall into one of three categories:

You need someone to write your book

You are an expert in your field but have no idea how to write a book. In this case, I write your book based on interviews with you and other information you provide.

You need help to finish your book

You have written your book, but it needs work: re-structuring, editing and additional content to reach a professional standard.

You just need guidance

You want to write your book but need some coaching.

How much does a ghostwriter cost?

If your book is for business purposes, hiring a ghost writer is an investment and, of course, a tax-deductible expense. So, how much will your investment cost?  I'm sure you've heard the term “how long is a piece of string?” Well, pricing a ghostwriting project is a bit like that. It all depends on how much I'm required to do.

What I can say? You need a decent budget — don't bother if price is your only consideration. A simple e-book may cost as little as $1,000 or less; a full-size book could cost in the area of $20,000.

Writing/payment schedule

Large projects are usually completed over a period of three to six months. I will provide you a detailed plan of what will be completed each month (interviews and chapters, etc.).


After your book is written, it needs to be published. I work closely with a book publisher. Here’s what they will do:

  • layout text and images
  • design the cover
  • create graphics
  • create a digital file that can be submitted to Amazon
  • print physical copies of your book.
Ghostwriter explains publishing.

Contact me

Do you still want to write a book? Great. Please get in touch.