This content writer believes the reader is King

I’m a content writer, so there is no prize for guessing that the marketing tool I reach for  the most is content marketing.

Writing good-quality content, like blogs and case studies, helps me to

  1. attract traffic to my website through Google searches
  2. engage with prospects and others in my industry through social media
  3. demonstrate my skills as a writer.


These are all great reasons for writing content. However, in my view, some content marketers put too much emphasis on reason number one: attracting traffic to their websites.

My readers are my kings.

Why is this not a great idea?

Many concede that Google is King. The problem, though,  is that the pressure of holding on to its crown seems to  weigh heavy, and I think the search provider become a law unto itself.

I’ve read countless posts by disgruntled bloggers who’ve been stung by changes to Google’s algorithm— often without warning — even though they have worked within Google’s guidelines. The thing is, Google doesn’t seem to care. And let’s face it: They have little competition and actually work for those using their search engines, not content marketers.

To remain dominant Google must rout out those using black-hat methods at the expense of good-quality content.

I have no doubt that Google’s intentions are honorable, and I fully understand where they are coming from. To remain dominant, Google must rout out those using black-hat methods instead of producing good-quality content. The problem, though, is that there seems to be a lot of ‘collateral damage.’ This gives us all the more reason not to put all our eggs in the Google basket.

Content writing is not all about Google

For this reason, I don’t get too hung up on SEO. Sure, I do the usual things (including key words in my content and promoting it through social media), but I know that if Google shuns my content, it’s not the end of the world. Why is this? Well,  first and foremost I write for my readers. They are my kings.

So, I put more emphasis on reasons number two and three.

Content as a sales tool

As a content writer, I spend a portion of my time promoting my business in the real world. This involves meeting with prospects and even occasionally cold calling businesses on the phone. When I talk with people about the benefits of good copywriting and what my methods are, I have found that referring them to my blog is invaluable. Doing this:

  1. demonstrates my writing ability
  2. reinforces what I have spoken about


Content for relationship marketing

I spend about an hour on social media every day. What do I do there? Well, I don’t chat about what I did in the weekend. Instead I post my posts to encourage conversation. In addition to that, I read and share other writers’ content and make comments. This is a wonderful way to build relationships with others, in my industry or in related industries.

And the best thing about doing this is it is all about giving and sharing, not hard selling.

 What do you think? How do you use your content? I look forward to your comments.

  1. Great article Andrew and I couldn’t agree more. While we all rely on Google to send visitors to our website, what they do once they reach it is completely up to the content writer.

    Also agree with your last para. I have found it a good strategy to blog about a question I’m often asked and refer clients to that post, I also use posts in proposals.

    Blogging is a fantastic tool but only if we, like you pointed out, don’t put all our eggs in the one basket.


  2. Wow Andrew, you linked to my post! Thank you so much and I know I’m not the only one that recently got stung.

    I couldn’t agree with you more that your readers are who is King, not Google. Oh sure, it’s pretty cool to get some search engine traffic and you still will due to other sharing your content and those relationships you’ve been making.

    I honestly write to help others learn and that’s very smart to have your blog so that your prospects and/or customers can see that you share great stuff that can help them learn as well and be a place that they can surely ask questions too.

    To me a blog is more of a tool to build relationships with your readers. It’s not about who can be #1 in Google although so many people prefer to do that instead. Good for them and let’s see how long that lasts right!

    Your readers are the real kings and queens here so as long as you’re serving them then you’re doing your job really well.

    Thank you again Andrew and you have a wonderful week.


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